Class Title and subject                                                                   Credit hours &
                                                                                                                                        time in class

2017 Code Update                                                                                         8.0 Hours
       Provide overview of Article 90 through Chapter 7
       Emphasis for line Voltage specialty electricians and trainees
       Overview of the NEC Changes for 2011 and 2014

Basic Electric Theory                                                                                      8.0 Hours or  4.0 hrs
       What is electricity
       Ohms law
       Alternating Current- What, how, the good and the bad
       Theory to help with troubleshooting and problem solving 

Basic Motor Control – I & II  Book is extra $30.00                                           8.0 Hours Each
        Introduction to motor controls
       Basic Principles
       Definitions symbols definitions
       Common  control equipment
       Motor controls and Schematics
       Components of control circuit schematics
       Magnetic Control

Calculations: Box Fill, Pipe Fill, Load Calcs.                                                   8.0 Hours
       Overview of Load Calculations
       Overview of Box Fill           
       Conduit fill

Conductor Properties & Voltage Drop                                                             8.0 Hours
       Determine the current carrying capacity (ampacity) of conductors”
       Understand over current protection for conductors and maximum loading of branch circuits
       Aluminum conductors and the possible fire hazards if they are not properly installed
       Conductor insulation properties
       Voltage drop calculations

 Motors – Art 430                                                                                            4.0 hours
        Code requirements of Article 430  NEC 2014

 Code Violations                                                                                             8.0 hours  or  4 hrs

       Share photos of electrical installations that have code violations.  The objective is to have the picture

        of the violation on the screen and spend as much time as needed to discuss the installation,

        the violations and how the installation could be done better.
 Services and Service Equipment                                                                  8.0 hours
        Understand the NRC terminology and requirements for installing all types of residential electrical services
        Calculate the proper size of residential service conductors and raceway
        Understand and install the required grounding and bonding for residential electrical services
        Understand the meaning of the term”UFER” ground
        Understand the meaning of conductor “withstand rating”


RCW / WAC Update                                                                                       4.0 hours
       Understand the RCW/WAC documents -  what they are and the process for change
       Understand the RCW/WAC changes for the coming cycle
       Relationship of the RCW/WAC to our industry

Soares Grounding                                                                                           8.0 Hours
       Understand the NEC requirements for Grounding
       Understand the theory of grounding ”
       Instructions for reducing hazards through design & installation of grounding in electrical distribution  systems

 Basic Grounding                                                                                           4.0 hours
       Define Grounding and Bonding
       Purpose of grounding & Purpose of bonding
       Electrical safety
       Safety – overview of shock and shock hazards, what voltages are dangerous
       What systems required to be grounded
       Objectionable currentsType your paragraph here.

Residential Circuits                                                                           4.0 hours

     Defining a Dwelling Unit

      Comprehensive study of NEC 210.52 A - E

      What is the (a)  process of loading of circuits

      Study of NEC 210.70